Joanne Helfrich is an author and guide whose work helps individuals and organizations:

  • Discern and live their deepest purpose
  • Develop their special abilities
  • Organize effectively, clearing out old habits, beliefs, and patterns
  • Share their gifts with the world


In this book, channeler Joanne Helfrich tunes into the thoughts and feelings of American author J.D. Salinger—from his afterlife perspective. Salinger captivates with accounts of his after-death experiences, descriptions of his nonphysical world, and commentary on his life and work that illuminates what have until now been mysteries.

A life-affirming read for all, and must-read for every Salinger fan—however they want to think about life after death—in response to the greater reality that we live in. Available on Amazon

Announcing THE WAY OF SPIRIT websiteicon-full

Based on the book, this site provides the basic tools you need to find your intent, clear your path, and be who you are. It includes all of the major Rose practices, additional Tools, Gems, and information on how to have your own personalized session with Rose. Available at

The foundational work – THE WAY OF SPIRIT: TEACHINGS OF ROSE

Many books tell you that your life has purpose.
This one will help you to discover yours.


This first, remarkable book by Rose, channeled by Joanne Helfrich, provides deep yet easy to understand guidance on how to:

  • Discover your unique way of spirit—your soul’s design for deepest fulfillment
  • Develop and express your divine gifts
  • Remove obstacles to realizing your desires
  • Find work you love
  • Contribute to the world in joyful ways.

Paperback $19.99
218 pages. 978-0982812334
Available on Amazon

The Way of Spirit is a gift sent from the God within you—your Essence self—to nurse you through these trying times. It reveals the broader nature of your Self, what shapes how you create your reality, and provides tools to dissolve any personal downheartedness, doubts, or dilemmas. Read this book. Very carefully. Then read it again, and do the practices!”

~ C.W.E. Johnson, author of It’s About You! Know Your Self

“This is the most exciting time to be alive because you’re waking up to your Gods and your own beautiful expressions of Godhood in ways that will blossom all over the world.” ~ Rose