About Joanne

Joanne is an author, speaker, and guide. Her work has been highly influenced by psychologists and social scientists including Dr. Don Beck (Spiral Dynamics Integral) and Ken Wilber (Integral Institute). Her work in integrative science, art, and spirit includes CafeMuse, a resource for holistic music education. She is an advocate for Waldorf Education.

Joanne has lectured nationally on personal and cultural transformation. She has supported and promoted The Seth Material and The Elias Forum, and advocates channeling as an innate human intelligence. In 2007, she discovered her own extraordinary abilities (seeĀ thewayofspirit.com), which she provides in service to others via her blog and private sessions.

Along with partners Paul M. Helfrich (paulhelfrich.com) and C.W.E. Johnson (cwejohnson.com), she offers programs and resources to help individuals express their special gifts and pursue their unique intent in life. Their services are available at NewWorldView.

Joanne and Paul live in Topanga, California.