Afterlives: Firsthand Accounts of Twenty Notable People

AFTERLIVES is a startling collection of afterlife accounts from some of the most extraordinary people of our times: Anthony Bourdain, Hunter S. Thompson, Ayn Rand, Martin Luther King, Jr., Harriet Tubman, John Barron (former slaver), Thomas Paine, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Hildegard von Bingen, Paramahansa Yogananda, J.D. Salinger, George Harrison, Douglas Adams, James Baldwin, Kurt Vonnegut, Aldous Huxley, Robin Williams, and Jane Roberts, author of the Seth Material. The authors reflect on their lives, describe their afterlife experiences, comment on world events, and share their stunning perspectives on the nature of reality.

In addition to providing wisdom and timely commentary, the book:

  • Supports postmodern scientific views that consciousness is primary
  • Endorses religious doctrines of the existence of God, spiritual beings, and eternal life of the human soul
  • Celebrates physical life and the afterlife
  • Discourages suicide; since “we go as we are,” there’s no better time to resolve our issues than now
  • Encourages us to connect with our own Divinity
  • Provides evidence that there is life after death, that we are surrounded by helpful spiritual energies, and that life is precious and limitless.

This book contains some of the most important and meaningful communications from the afterlife that have ever appeared in print and is as such required reading for all open-minded people in our time.”
David Lorimer, Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality

“Joanne Helfrich’s book is the result of some astonishing channeling of the dead. The communications are wonderful—witty, full of insights and of wisdom. Terrific reading.”
– Prof. Lance St. John Butler, Chairman of the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre


“My entire career has been literary and in stylistics, and linguistic analysis in literature has been one of my special subjects, so I actually know what makes up the style of some people… and there’s absolutely no doubt that either you’re a fantastic genius… a queen of imitating the styles of literary and other writers, or you’re getting it from somewhere else.” – Prof. Lance Butler, (ret.) University of Edinburgh

“I have been involved with many channelers over the years and I have never met anyone who was able to do what Joanne has done in this book. What makes it credible is that each personality that she brings through ‘sounds like’ that person when they were alive on Earth.

“Further evidence of this is provided by analyst Lance St. John Butler of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Center in Edinburgh, who is a retired professor and an expert in stylization. He found it difficult to believe that any non-expert could write in so many distinct styles, including himself, so that it’s entirely likely that Joanne is in reality channeling the actual persons from the other side.

“And what makes it even more interesting is that many of personalities, once they are ‘dead,’ are able to express themselves from their expanded state of consciousness and are thus not limited to their earthly personality any longer.”
– Steven Frier, The Inner Voice Magazine, March 2022


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