The Way of Spirit

The Way of Spirit: Teachings of Rose

“The way of spirit is like a bright, sunny window in which to realize your most fun and fulfilled self. It is as uniquely individual as you would ever hope to find, for the way of spirit is your way, not anyone else’s. The way of spirit is yours only, not anyone else’s in the world.”

The Way of Spirit book is a timely work as we engage what many consider a global shift in consciousness in which we are opening more deeply to our essence selves on a mass level. The shift is changing the world daily and challenging each of us to evolve in new ways. The Way of Spirit provides deep yet easy to understand guidance on how to:

  • Discover your unique way of spirit—your soul’s design for deepest fulfillment
  • Develop and express your divine gifts
  • Remove obstacles to realizing your desires
  • Find work you love
  • Contribute to the world in joyful ways.


The Way of Spirit is a gift sent from the God within you—your Essence self—to nurse you through these trying times. It reveals the broader nature of your Self, what shapes how you create your reality, and provides tools to dissolve any personal downheartedness, doubts, or dilemmas. Read this book. Very carefully. Then read it again, and do the practices!”

~ C.W.E. Johnson, author of It’s About You! Know Your Self

“This is the most exciting time to be alive because  you’re waking up to your Gods and your own beautiful expressions of Godhood in ways that will blossom all over the world.”
~ Rose


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