Here are the programs Joanne has designed and presented to date. For information on programs she may present or design for you, contact Joanne.

Your Hero’s Journey – What do Lord of the Rings and the Bible have in common? They’re both contain the monomyth, the essential story of each our human hero’s journey. Found in narratives around the world, the hero’s journey can be considered a template for our lives. This is because we are all called to own unique and fulfilling purpose. Participants are encouraged to look deeply into the fun things they did as children to see how to make changes and choices going forward. This leads to an understanding of our divine gifts and ways to bring them to the world.

Cosmology and Seasonal Observances – What’s right, the scientific theory of the beginning of the Universe, the Big Bang? Or spiritual stories such as the Aboriginal Dreamtime or Book of Genesis? Why not both? The stories we believe are the ones we create every day. When viewed through the lens of a loving and entirely probable postmodern Cosmological Story, we get a greater sense of the sacredness of all things. And our ancient seasonal celebrations, common to all traditions, become meaningful reasons to observe and unite together in our shared creaturehood.

Introduction to Spiral Dynamics – Behavioral psychology has identified stage development models that help explain why people make decisions differently, and how to use this understanding to create positive outcomes. The experiential portion of this program helps participants engage their developmental subsystems to better understand themselves and others, and to identify areas in need of attention and rehabilitation.

Author talks – these can combine book readings and signings, personal stories, and audience questions and participation.


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